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Aeon Timer

"Keep track of time spent on projects"

Create projects with different hourly rates
and price range. If you use the same settings for many projects you can create Presets to reuse the same settings. Aeon Timer will calculate the total time, price and cost for the time spent on the project.

To remember what was done during a timing period you have the ability to add a category and comment right after the timer is stopped.

If you need to report the time spent on a project to someone else you can easily export to CSV or print a report.

If you've got many things in your head you might forget to pause the timer when leaving your computer for a while. Don't worry. Aeon Timer can pause automatically if there's no activity in a given period of time and resume again when you return.

Is your work not being done on the computer running Aeon Timer? No problem, Aeon Timer can prevent your computer from falling asleep so you don't have to worry about missing time.

Aeon Timer features an easy to use Quick Menu in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
Here you'll have quick access to Start, Pause, Stop and other functions.